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NEW Generation High School  Governing Board



Governing Board Members


Dr. Thomas Walker- dedicated college professor for Broward College who values education and believes in parent school choice.  He is a diligent board member who is committed to aiding N.E.W. Generation in accomplishing its goal to be one of the top school's in America.

Contact Email: thomas.walker@newgenerationhigh.com


Chimere Cromartie- an educator of 10 years in the elementary school setting.  Ms. Cromartie focusing her skills and talents on breeding the young children of the Miami-Dade community.  She willfully gives N.E.W. Generation High her time, energy, and support while working hard to raise community awareness about N.E.W. Generation High

Contact Email: chimere.cromartie@newgenerationhigh.com


Carmen Smith- a lifelong educator in the Miami-Dade County Public School system with over 30 years of teaching experience.  Mrs. Smith is committed to providing the students and parents with the best education possible.  At N.E.W. Generation she consistently works to build a creative school that foster the child's distinct learning capabilities and talents.

Contact Email: carmen.smith@newgenerationhigh.com


Kajuana White- a nurse with the Jackson Memorial Health system who supports the education of our youth.  She takes the time to work with our youth through community programs and establishing innovative opportunities for the 21st Century youth in the Dade and Broward communities.  Her outreach experience is invaluable and she works very hard to support N.E.W. Generation in every aspect.

Contact Email: kajuana.white@newgenerationhigh.com


Parent Liasion


Turiya Tomlin-Randall

Email: turiya.tomlin-randall@newgenerationhigh.com

Phone: 754-222-7772

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