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Guidance & Counseling Program


Welcome to the N.E.W. Generation Preparatory Charter High School Guidance & Counseling Program!

The Guidance and Counseling Program at N.E.W. Generation Preparatory Charter High School is based on the American School Counselor Associations National Standards and facilitates student development in three content areas:

    •    Academic

    •    Career

    •    Personal/Social Development


During High School students….

    •    Experience a final transition into adulthood

    •    Explore who they are and who they will become

    •    Are influenced by their peers

    •    Are faced with increased social and academic pressures

    •    Need support to make decisions that focus on future success


N.E.W. Generation Preparatory Charter High School Guidance & Counseling Program will provide our students with:


Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling is provided to students who are referred by parents, teachers, administrators or the counselor. Parental permission is required and services are confidential.


Small Group Counseling:

Small group counseling is offered throughout the school year on various topics such as divorce, grief, friendship skills, self-esteem and social skills. Student participation in group counseling is confidential and requires parental permission.


Developmental Classroom Guidance Lessons:

Lessons are designed to assist students with their personal/social, academic and career development.

Family Counseling:  Meetings are available upon parent request.



Assisting staff, families, and community to work with students.

Referrals:  Assisting families in identifying and accessing community resources.

Students will be visiting their counselors on a quarterly basis to ensure they are on track and remain on track.  Guidance counselors will provide these quarterly updates to individual students and parents.  Our goal is to raise parent awareness of their child’s academic achievement


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